Challenges for our clients


    budget management


    sponsors and participants


    to changing regulations


    to engage communities


    thanks to the evolution of uses


    a wider audience

  • HIRE

    through interactivity


    dissemination of scientific content

  • From reflection to action

    Colloquium teams are trained in strategic marketing and designing an action plan.

    Our methodology
    Our methodology
    Colloquium méthodologie

Innovation to digital power

  • Colloquium LAB

    With the rise of digital and the democratization of technology, the possibilities are endless. Colloquium has established a working unit in charge of supporting its clients in these areas. The LAB is composed of a team with different skills (marketing and

  • Colloquium TECH

    To accompany this digital dynamic from idea to implementation, Colloquium has a technical team able to relay your projects and develop digital tools specifically adapted to the animation of your communities. The "Tech" consists of a project director, 2 fu

The basis of a


E-touches, our partner

To offer you a fully customizable and flexible database management tool (registration, promotion, membership, scientific) which can easily connect with external tools.

Client plateforme

A data exchange server to access your files in real time.

Specially designed for the events web tools

We offer our clients a range of sites, web tools and applications adapted to the issues and events budgets.

and transparent collaboration

The mandate contract

You remain the only decision-maker and owner of your projects.


A dedicated bank account

To ensure complete financial transparency and clear management of your income.



Delivered four months after the event, including a complete accounting status.


Management of the VAT

A team member of our accounting department is dedicated to this essential question


Our remuneration

Colloquium does not apply any margin on purchases. Our fees are our remuneration.