Improve the visibility of my website through SEO

Making a beautiful website is good! Making sure it’s seen is even better!

SEO, SEA, SEM, SMO are acronyms that may not speak to you but are fundamental if you want your site to be visible and thus correctly indexed by the search engines.
Being on the second page of a search engine can be frustrating because you may not have had the best of luck when starting the project. It is to avoid this type of situation that you should think of SEO from the 1st line of code.

A well referenced website is a website in good health!

Appearing in the first choices of the results of a search engine is a determining factor. Search engines know this and their objective will be, thanks to an algorithm, to define criteria that developers and webmasters will have to respect if they wish to create a well referenced site.

Relevance is the main criterion for being in the 1st pages of the results. It is therefore essential to fill in the maximum number of keywords in the metadata of your site and to integrate this step into your specifications. It is thanks to this that the robots will be able to make the association between the research of a surfer and your web site.

The other criteria are numerous: frequency of content updates, structure and organization of information, performance criteria (speed and loading time of the website), the quality of the coding and setting in CSS style, the social aspect (presence and sharing of your social networks) also called SMO “Social Media Optimization”, quality links to external pages. It is also very important to know that the popularity of your site is evaluated and the more the url of your website will be quoted on other sites, the better your SEO!

These solutions to reference your website are therefore at your fingertips if you think about integrating it into your specifications. This is the “natural referencing” that has the advantage of being free: its other name is SEO “Search Engine Optimization”. You only have to be patient because it can take several months to be in the place you deserve!

And Search Engine Advertising (SEA)?

The use of SEA is common in the event sector because it can facilitate the recruitment of new participants and the prospection of partners.
The advantage of paid referencing compared to SEO is that the result is almost instantaneous. This will however require specific skills as this can be complex.
Keyword bids are proposed and if we take the example of Google you will have to set an amount for each keyword; if you are in the average bid and your site appears in the search results, you will pay this amount each time a user clicks on the link to your site (cost per click – CPC). This is the most common method currently.

SEA requires an analysis effort to know which keywords to invest, and depending on the rate of transformation, know from what amount the investment is relevant. Tools enable real-time monitoring to calculate performance and improve analysis.

However, we must not neglect the “free” SEO part that remains indivisible: one cannot go without the other!

So you know more about the importance of SEO techniques, which together form what is called the “SEM – Search Engine Marketing”.

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