5 reasons to make your virtual conference a success

1 - You know how to capitalize on your content

A congress is first and foremost a way for a learned society or professional association to share knowledge and innovations around its specialty. The good news is that digital technology and the new uses that accompany it, particularly when it comes to continuing education and content consultation, are perfectly suited to this objective. Of course, you'll need to adapt certain session formats and think about solutions to promote interactivity, but you can also now offer replays and promote access to content for audiences who are geographically remote or have secondary specializations.

2 - You manage your budget intelligently

Whether virtual, hybrid or face-to-face, the subject of budgeting remains essential. Conferences are an important source of financing for you, and the uncertain times call for caution. Thinking holistically about investments and revenues will help you strike the right balance. It's not simply a question of estimating the cost of an audiovisual recording, but rather of assessing the overall cost of producing your virtual congress, in relation to the sponsorship and registration income you can generate.

3 - Collaborate with your partners and sponsors

We've just been talking about sponsors! Here's an important subject that needs to be addressed. In 2020, many congresses were transformed at breakneck speed, without any real consideration for the financial interests of their sponsors. In 2021, it's no longer enough to offer virtual stands (which often remain empty). But here again, the good news is that it's entirely possible to build ethical, win-win partnerships with your sponsors by leveraging your virtual congress.

4 - You offer your participants intuitive tools

After a year 2020 spent on Zoom and in various videoconferences, you'd think that the subject of adopting digital tools was no longer really an issue, and yet... While the use of digital tools has become widely democratized, your audiences are more knowledgeable and therefore ... demanding! Choosing platforms that are intuitive and pleasant to use will help to ensure that your registrations and consultations are at a high level... and therefore your revenues. Another point not to be overlooked is communication. More digital means more communication... with your participants, but also with your speakers. It's up to you to add your own touch!

5 - You know how to work with others

A face-to-face or virtual congress is a team affair! As a PCO, Colloquium has been supporting associations, their committees and their volunteers for many years. We work in close collaboration with permanent teams to support the transformation of medical congresses, identify the right service providers and accompany all stakeholders towards the virtual congress... with serenity and good humor!

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