What can you do with the video content you've produced in recent years, and how can you bring it to life to animate your community?

The continuing medical education sector was hit hard by the unprecedented Covid period, and many players had to cope. During this period, associations organized virtual events (virtual congresses, webinars...) and created video content to maintain links with their members: What to do with all this content?

How to promote it?
Youtube or a dedicated platform?
For members only or accessible to all?
Free or paid? 

Are you asking yourself these questions? In this article, you'll find keys to help you devise your strategy, tips for optimizing the content at your disposal, and ideas that should inspire you.

Step 1: Ask yourself the right questions

What can your available video content be used for?

 - Create an additional incentive to become a member of your association
By making a video library available to your members only, you create an additional incentive to become a member of your association.

 - Generate additional sales
This content can be monetized in several ways

  •  by creating an annual subscription that gives you unlimited access to your platform
  • by selling video packs or single videos to parallel professions who have no interest in becoming members of your association.
  • by offering sponsorable space to your partners


 - Bringing your association to life all year round
In slower moments, you can choose to highlight certain videos, via a newsletter and/or social networks. Video content is highly valued in communications.

So start by thinking about your objective
Once you have defined your objective, it will be easier to select the videos, to see which type of platform will be most suitable, etc.

Step 2: Taking stock

The first step is to take stock of the videos you have available, to identify obsolete videos from those that are still relevant, and to get an initial idea of the volume: the quantity of videos available will help you define the strategy to be applied to exploit them. 

Tips and tricks : create an excel file with the titles of your videos, their duration, theme, speakers and audience.
This file will enable you to quickly identify the content available, and can then be reused to index your content, or link several videos together to create packs, for example.

Step 3: Segment your videos and create a tailored offer

Once you've identified the videos you want to keep in mind, it's a good idea to watch them and cut them up (if necessary) to avoid a single video containing different interventions. This will result in videos with greater impact and better indexing. Users will find it easier to find the topics that interest them.

In order to make the most of your video content, you need to have an offer adapted to your target audience and to

define a price (subscription, unit sale...). This will depend on the volume you have available, and should be consistent with the price of your virtual event, if the videos were shot on that occasion. If you opt for subscriptions, it's important to renew and publish new content regularly.

Replays can also be used to reach a peripheral target. Indeed, when indexing your videos, you may identify specific themes that could be of interest to other targets. These packs can be sold individually, for example, and can help you expand your community.

Step 4: Translate your content

The use of cell phones is accentuating mute video playback, and subtitles are no longer used solely for translation: they can also be used for audiences who play videos without sound. 

Currently, 80% of videos on Facebook are played in "mute" mode, and subtitling helps get 12% more views (source: Capté).

Paid tools exist to facilitate the translation and subtitling of your videos. These include "Kapwing" and "Capté", both of which feature powerful artificial intelligence and enable rapid subtitling, with the option of making ad hoc changes if the translation is not up to scratch.

Step 5: The distribution platform

Using a "video library" type of platform will enable you to index your content and organize the highlighting of videos with a structure customized to your image, thanks to the use of your graphic DNA.
Using a platform like Colloquium's (Viewr by Colloquium) will also help you generate sponsorship revenue.

Thanks to Viewr by Colloquiumyou have several choices when it comes to accessing videos:

  • Offer restricted access and limit it to your participants/members only

(access via login and password)

  • Offer public content for certain videos (teasers) and restrict access via login/password for the rest of the videos.
  • Sell themed access packs, to reach related professions.


Viewr by Colloquium vs Youtube ?

Nathan Grisolet

Digital Content Manager

Viewr by Colloquium



Monetization is achieved through the sale of advertising space on the platform. 100% management and control of sales to ensure consistency between video content, your audience and visible sponsors.

No control over monetization: ads can appear at the beginning of videos without any connection to your association or event.

Image de marque

Take over your graphic charter and adapt the structure to accommodate videos on a platform that reflects your image. 

Tailor-made customization possible


Not intended to give you the possibility of customizing the tool 100%.

Only the string header can be modified

Tracking and analysis of user data

Track who has viewed videos (thanks to login/password identification)

Viewing statistics are provided, but it is difficult to know whether videos have been seen by your target audience. Details will come only from subscribers, but subscription is not required to view a video.

Step 6: Content distribution

  • Via social networks: 1 min clip / with subtitles / link to website
  • Via a newsletter with, for example, the best of the platform's videos or a thematic selection of videos
  • Via a webinar, with experts commenting: why it's no longer relevant / what's changed since then


Managing your videos is therefore a very important step in your communication, and there is no "universal" recipe for exploiting them. It's important to bear in mind that your brand image is at stake, and that the valuation and analysis of viewings will be better on a dedicated platform like Viewr by Colloquium. We recommend that you seek support to define a coherent strategy tailored to your objectives.

In any case, it will be very useful to take advantage of the videos you have in your possession, as they are important resources for your current members, or for those who will become members thanks to an extended offer (subscription, member benefits...).

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