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Do you organize events for your association? Forget Excel files and getan efficient tool for the financial management of your events.

Create your budget, update it regularly, pay your bills, close your accounts... Colloquium Numbr supports you every step of the way, and it's free to use.


Driving Excellence Innovation Award
In May 2019, Colloquium won the IAPCO (International Association of Professional Conference Organizers ) Innovation Award for the creation of Colloquium Numbr.

Manage your event budget

The Budget module lets you select a budget template, customize it and easily update it. 

At any time, Colloquium Numbr calculates an accurate assessment of your income and expenses to help you make the right decisions.

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Use an existing budget or create your own
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Tender dashboard

Keep track of your purchases

It's possible to save 10% to 20% on event expenses by systematically issuing invitations to tender ... but it's a full-time job!

The - Purchase - module helps you select service providers, send
your invitations to tender and analyze the proposals received. 

Have you made your decision? All you have to do is validate the selected service provider's offer, and Colloquium Numbr will automatically update your provisional budget.

Simplify your accounting!

Payment of supplier invoices, bank reconciliations etc...
How can you free yourself from the numerous accounting tasks involved in organizing an event?

All your purchase invoices are issued and processed automatically.

As soon as you have validated an invoice, a transfer is issued from your bank account to pay your supplier. Invoices are posted directly
to the right line in your budget. All accounting entries can be downloaded from
. Your accountant will be delighted!

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Purchasing and billing area
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Your event dashboard

Colloquium Numbr compiles the data, you decide!

Thanks to its API* system, Colloquium Numbr collects data from the various applications you use on a daily basis to organize your event (such as your registration system, for example). 

These data are integrated into your budget, making Colloquium Numbr a real management tool for your event. 

* APIs are a set of rules that define how one application can communicate with another - Application Programming Interfaces

Are you a provider of services and equipment for events?

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Companies listed on Colloquium Numbr receive qualified invitations to tender from platform users. Direct contact with highly qualified prospects. Good news: it's free!

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